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Social events and excursions

Excursions on Wednesday, June 29

Welcome to join us on one of the following excursions on Wednesday, June 29!

A. Guaranteed Elk Warning!

Welcome to the Elk park of Gårdsjö - the first elk park in the area of Lake Mälaren. You will be given the opportunity to see elks as you have never seen them before.A genuine farmhouse from the middle of the 19th century, where you are taken on a tractor drawn cart to see the elks in their natural environment.

13:00 Bus departure from SLU (the conference venue). Sandwich lunch on the bus.
14:00 Arrival and coffee at Gårdsjö Älgpark
14:15 Guided tour to meet the Elks
15:15 Coffee
16:00 Bus departure to Uppsala
16:45 Arrival in Uppsala

Tour fee: 475 SEK excl. VAT / 594 SEK incl. 25% VAT
The tour includes:
 Sandwich lunch on the coach, Coach to Gårdsjö, a guided tour of the elk park, and coffee.
Minimum number of participants: 25

Website: Gårdsjö Elk Park "Älgpark"

B. Linnaeus Uppsala

This tour includes visit to The Linnaeus Garden in central Uppsala and to Carl Linnaeus' summerhouse in Hammarby.

The Linnaeus Garden was the first botanical garden in Sweden founded in 1655 by Olof Rudbeck the elder. Today approximately 1300 species are grown here. All known to have been cultivated by Linnaeus and arranged according to his own system. The Linnaeus museum is situated within the garden. This was Linnaeus home for 35 years.

World-famous botanist Carl Linnaeus bought the Hammarby  in 1758 and spent summers here with his family. Hammarby is now one of Sweden's best preserved estates from the 18th century, with household items, clothing, and art that tell us more about Linnaeus, both his private life and his scientific achievement. An exhibition reflects on the family's life on the farm. In the park are many of the plants grown by Linnaeus himself.

12:45 Bus departure from SLU (the conference venue). Sandwich lunch on the bus.
13.00 Guided tour at the Linnaeus Museum and Garden in Uppsala
14:15 Bus departure from Linnaeus Garden to Linnaeus Hammarby
14:40 Arrival at Linnaeus Hammarby
15:00 Guided tour
16:00 Coffee
16:30 Bus departure to Uppsala
17:00 Arrival in Uppsala

Tour fee: 850 SEK excl. VAT / 1063 SEK incl. 25% VAT
The tour includes: Entrance fees and guides at the Linnaeus Garden and at Linnaeus Hammarby. Coach between the two museums, sandwich lunch on the coach to the Linnaeus Garden, and coffee at Linnaeus Hammarby.
Minimum number of participants: 20

Website: The Linnaeus garden
Website: Linnaeus' Hammarby

C. Boat trip to Skokloster Castle - Fully booked

We cruise along the river to Skokloster Castle, which is considered one of the great castles of Baroque Europe. At Skokloster, Carl Gustaf Wrangel – potentate and fashion aficionado – created a stately home of European style. Following the tradition of continental princes, he endeavored to understand the world by collecting art and antiques as well as specimens from nature. 

The castle armory and library are particularly noteworthy. Both were founded to host Wrangel's collections of weapons and books, and were enriched and enlarged by other seventeenth- and eighteenth-century aristocratic bequests. The armory contains the largest collection of personal 17th century military weapons in the world. The collection consists mostly muskets and pistols, but also swords - including Japanese samurai swords - small cannons, pikes and crossbows. The weapon collection also includes various exotic items, such as a 16-century Eskimo canoe, snake skins, and others. 

13:00 Bus departure from SLU (the conference venue)
13:15 Boat departure from Islandsbron 
Light lunch on the boat
15:00 Arrival to Skokloster
15:15 Guided Tour
16:15 Spare time
16:30 Boat departure from Skokloster
Coffee on the boat
18:00 Arrival in Uppsala

Tour fee: 850 SEK excl. VAT / 1063 SEK incl. 25% VAT
The tour includes: Boat trip, entrance and guided tour at Skokloster Castle, lunch (outbound) and coffee (homebound) on the boat.
Minimum number of participants: 25

Website: Skokloster Castle

Conference Dinner on Thursday, June 30

Venue: Norrlands Nation, Address: Västra Ågatan 14
Time: 19.00

Welcome to join us for a festive evening at Norrlands student nation.

Norrlands nation ”student club”, was founded in 1827 from earlier social clubs for Uppsala students originating from the most northern counties in Sweden. The oldest of these clubs were formed as early as the 17th century. After years of work of collecting money in the home districts, the current building could be inaugurated in 1889. This building, which is today called “The Old house”, is undoubtedly one of Uppsala’s most magnificent student club buildings in Sweden, with its well-known façade facing the River Fyris.

Fees: 350 SEK excl VAT / 392 SEK incl. 12% VAT

Photos from the Linnaeus Uppsala tour by courtesy of Uppsala University. Photographer: Jesper Kårehed.